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Use this tool to compare mining outputs and save custom data sets for offline use.

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Download the complete data set

  • Choose a format:
  • .XLSX

Building a data set

You can build a custom data set based on either continents, or countries.

Click, or start typing into the continent or country input to add locations to your dataset. Choose the years you want to see data for, and click the Go button.

While selecting more than 20 countries is possible, it is not recommended as the graphs become too cluttered to clearly see the data.

Quick Jump

Use the quick jump menu to jump directly to a particular metric.

A link to the quick jump menu is always available in the bottom right of your screen.


Clicking an item in the legend toggles the visibility of it's line on the graph.

Click on data points to see names and exact values.

Colours are randomly generated when the page loads, but are consistent accross graphs. Refreshing the page will generate a new colour scheme.

If you are using a mobile device, we recommend switching to landscape mode to better fit the graphs to your screen.


On mobile devices, tables scroll horizontally to fit all of the available columns.


The downloads tab in the filter allows you to download the complete data set containing all available continents and countries.

Download tabs under each metric allow you to download a data set containing only data for your selected continents/countries and years.

Download formats

Downloads are available as either .XLSX for use in Microsoft Excel (and other compatible programs) or .JSON for further processing. If you're not sure which you need, choose .XLSX


While the basic experience should work in almost all browsers, there are a few known issues with some older versions:

  • When saving files, Safari < v10 does not use the suggested filename (it comes up as UNKNOWN), so you will need to add a name that ends with .xlsx to ensure you can correctly open your data set e.g. My Country Data.xlsx.

We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Opera, or Firefox for the best possible experience.

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